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Network Backup

Scope: The Scope of the International Journal of Computing, Intelligence and Security Research (IJCISR) should include the Subjects:
i. Autonomic, adaptive, dependable computing.
ii. Services computing and cloud computing
iii. Green computing
iv. Internet computing
v. Business process computing
vi. Software evolution and mining
vii. Architectural concepts for systems
viii. Network science, social networks collective intelligence
ix. Artificial intelligence
x. Software engineering
xi. Big data
xii. Computer science
xiii. Computer networks, Data communications and Networking
xiv. Database management and information retrieval
xv. Information systems and Applications
xvi. Algorithms and Data structure, software tools and environments
xvii. Bio-informatics
xviii. Computational intelligence
xix. Cybersecurity, cyber and homeland security
xx. computer modelling and simulation
xxi. data mining, knowledge bases and ontology
xxii. Digital Signal processing
xxiii. Distributed systems and Remote control
xxiv. Education in Computing
xxv. Embedded systems
xxvi. High performance computing, GRIDs, Parallel and Distributed Computing
xxvii. Human- computer interactions
xxviii. Image processing and pattern recognition
xxix. Intelligent robotics systems
xxx. Internet of things
xxxi. IT Project management
xxxii. Wireless systems
xxxiii. Open special issue on Green mobile computing and IoT systems, Assessment, Modelling, Assurance
xxxiv. Open special issue on cyber security and safety of embedded systems and clouds, Assessment, Modelling, Assurance
xxxv. Open special issue on Advanced wireless Systems
xxxvi. Open special issue on contemporary intelligent systems and applications
xxxvii. Open special issue on security and Post-Quantum cryptography.
xxxviii. Intelligence applied to security,
xxxix. Intelligence applied to defense,
xl. Intelligence and security to persons and country
xli. Military intelligence
xlii. Academic intelligence
xliii. Defence intelligence
xliv. Security intelligence
xlv. Social intelligence
xlvi. Any other related field of study will also be accepted

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